Saija Niemi

Research Fellow +358 40 120 4168


  • Climate migration and displacement
  • Internal displacement and international migration questions
  • Regional migration movements (e.g. Pacific Islands, Africa and Latin America)


I have worked in relation to various migration and displacement issues in the academia, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations and in state administration. I am currently working on climate mobilities. I have previously carried out research, for example, on South Sudanese, Pacific and Latin American migration and displacement movements. I am interested in topics such as drivers of climate mobility, individual and group control, significance of spaces and places, role of cities and refugee/IDP camps in displacement and migration, and conflict-induced movements. I have united different issues connected to migration and displacement under a new theory I developed, called the Theory of Control Tuning. In my research, I use especially qualitative methods and grounded theory methodology. My background is in human geography and development studies. I have implemented fieldwork in countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States and Finland.

Current project:

Climate Migration: Toward a Better Understanding and Management of the Phenomenon (ILMASI) funded by the Government of Finland

Essential publications:

Niemi, S. (2020). Mobility and immobility in climate migration in the Pacific Islands. Siirtolaisuus – Migration, 46(3), 13-16.

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