Samira Saramo

Senior Research Fellow +358 40 355 5816

Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Migration and Ethnicity in Canadian and United States History
  • Place-making and Community-building
  • Histories of Experience and Emotion
  • Settler Colonialism and Migration
  • Transnational Death and Mourning
  • Transdisciplinary Methodologies



My research focuses on migration, ethnicity, place-making, and the everyday in both historical and current contexts. Most often, my work centers on histories of Finnish migrants in Canada and the United States, as well as in Soviet Karelia. Currently, I am examining the ways Finnish individuals and communities have drawn on place, landscape, and emotion to claim belonging in Canada, allowing me to situate Finnish migration in the context of settler colonialism.  


Deep Mapping the “Uncharted Territories” of Finnish Immigrant History (Kone Foundation, 2020–2024)

Death and Mourning in “Finnish North America” (Academy of Finland, 2017–2020)

Essential publications

Saramo, Samira. “Capitalism as Death: Loss of Life and the Finnish Migrant Left in the Early Twentieth Century.” Journal of Social History. Advance Article online, August 2021.

Saramo, Samira. “Archives of Place, Feeling, and Time: Immersive Historical Field Research in the (Finnish) U.S. Midwest.” Qualitative Research. Online First, July 2021. doi:

Samira Saramo and Marta-Laura Cenedese, co-editors. Connective Histories of Death, Special Issue of Thanatos, 2/2020.

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