The archives of the Migration Institute of Finland consist of the Migration Collections and the institute’s own official archives. The Migration Collections mostly include cultural heritage and research material related to emigration and expatriate Finns.

Collection policy of the Migration Collections (Approved by the board of Migration Institute of Finland on December 10, 2020)

The Migration Collections are open to all and the materials are for the most part freely available for use. The archives are open during the opening hours of the Migration Institute of Finland. The descriptive metadata of the Migration Collections material as well as selections of material can also be accessed via the shared Finna search service of Finnish archives, libraries and museums.

Processing and storage of the materials are based, for example, on the following regulations and instructions:

  • Archives Act (1994/831)
  • Data Protection Act (1050/2018)
  • General Data Protection Regulation of the EU
  • Screening instructions for private archives (AL/12726/00.01.02/2010)
  • Regulation and instructions for archives repositories (AL/19699/
  • Protective material instructions (KA/13459/
Introduction to the Migration Collections

Materials of the Migration Collections


At the beginning of 2021, the Migration Collections contained cultural heritage and research materials from a total of over 1,000 individuals and organisations. The collections keep expanding due to donations and contributions received from different parties. In addition, the collections accumulate via the institute’s own acquisitions and copying.

The Migration Collections include:

TEXTS – Letters, diaries, minutes, travel and other such official documents, newspaper cuttings, etc.

PHOTOS – Prints, negatives, digital photos, slides, postcards and posters. In total approx. 45,000.

FILM – Both raw footage and aired recordings of different television shows and documentary films.

SOUND – Interview recordings, music recordings and radio programmes.

ARTEFACTS – Trunks, clothing, works of fine art, etc.