The Board and Council of the Migration Institute of Finland decide the general principles of the operations. The Board also decides on the allocation of grants. The member communities of the institute include Finnish universities, ministries, other bodies governed by public law and a group of civic organisations. In total, the foundation has 30 background communities. The operations of the foundation observe the related-party instructions of the Migration Institute of Finland (in Finnish).

The operations of the Migration Institute of Finland are run by the director. The institute’s research and information services are the responsibility of the research director and support services are the responsibility of the administrative director. In addition to the managing director, the institute employs seven people permanently and 10–15 people in different fixed-term duties.


  • Chair: Director of Corporate Governance Jarkko Virtanen (City of Turku)
  • Vice Chair: Associate Professor Elina Kilpi-Jakonen (University of Turku)
  • Professor Sari Pöyhönen (University of Jyväskylä)
  • Head of Research Peter Ehrström (Åbo Akademi)
  • Coordinator, Head of EMN Finland at European Migration Network Rafael Bärlund (Ministry of the Interior, Migration Department)
  • City Development Manager Sami Mäntymäki (City of Seinäjoki)
  • Senior University Lecturer Tiina Airaksinen  (University of Helsinki)
  • PhD, Senior Lecturer Seija Jalagin (University of Oulu)
  • Regional Development Director Tarja Nuotio (Regional Council of Southwest Finland)
  • Project Manager Gunta Ahlfors (Family Federation of Finland)


  • Chair: Professor Riitta Pyykkö (University of Turku)
  • Vice Chair: Professor Holger Weiss (Åbo Akademi)


  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Chief specialist Minna Säävälä
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Senior researcher Kaisa Oksanen
  • Ministry of Education and Culture: No representative for the time being
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: No representative for the time being

Bodies governed by public law

  • Church Council/Department for International Relations: Ministry to Finns Abroad Director Mauri Vihko
  • City of Seinäjoki: Head of Department Heikki Vierula
  • Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities: Development director Annukka Mäkinen
  • City of Turku: Researcher Meri Vuohu
  • Finnish Immigration Service: Head of Country Information Mikko Nyman
  • Regional Council of Southwest Finland: Development Manager Salla-Maria Lauttamäki


  • University of Helsinki: Professor Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti
  • University of Eastern Finland: Professor Pekka Suutari
  • University of Jyväskylä: Professor Jari Ojala
  • University of Lapland: University Lecturer Tiina Seppälä
  • University of Oulu: Professor Jarkko Saarinen
  • Tampere University: Professor Laura Huttunen
  • University of Turku: Vice Rector Riitta Pyykkö
  • University of Vaasa: Assistant professor Johanna Hautala
  • Åbo Akademi: Professor Holger Weiss

Civic organisations and associations

  • Mannerheim League for Child Welfare: City Architect Jarmo Heimo
  • Norden Association, Finland: Norden Association Turku President Sami Heinonen
  • Association of Finnish Culture and Identity: Erkki Seppänen
  • Finnish Youth Association: MA Ragni Reichardt
  • Finnish Demographic Society: Adjunct Professor Ismo Söderling
  • League of Finnish-American Societies: Master of Laws Taru Luukkala-Viitanen
  • League of Finnish-Australian Societies: Human Rights Lawyer Liisa Kiianlinna
  • Finland Society: Professor Jarmo Virmavirta
  • Swedish Assembly of Finland: University Lecturer Mika Helander
  • Society of Swedish Literature in Finland: Professor Nils-Erik Villstrand
  • Turku University Foundation: Professor Keijo Virtanen
  • Family Federation of Finland: Research Professor Osmo Kontula

In Sweden

  • National Association of Finns in Sweden: Chair of the Board Pirkko Karjalainen

Our foundation is a member of the Association of Finnish Foundations, and we follow the code of conduct Best Practice for Foundations.

Here you can find the contact information of the Institute’s staff.
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