The library of the Migration Institute of Finland holds over 8,000 listed publications regarding migration flows and ethnicity. Besides books, the collections include newspapers, periodicals covering migration or migration flows and numerous small printed publications published by expatriate Finns. The library also includes fiction and genealogy publications written by expatriate Finns. An increasing share of new materials covers immigration.

The library serves as a source of information for the researchers of the Migration Institute of Finland and assists in the data acquisition of the institute’s different functions. The library is also open to outsiders and our information specialist is available to help if needed.


The library of the Migration Institute of Finland is a scientific library open to the public. The majority of the library’s materials can be borrowed and taken home with the exception of newspapers, periodicals, statistics and rare or fragile books. In special cases, the staff will decide whether material can be borrowed and taken home. The loan period is 28 days. Loans can be renewed via the Volter service. Material that cannot be borrowed can be used at the library.

Remote service

It is possible to borrow materials from the library of the Migration Institute of Finland as a remote service. A remote loan can be requested by a private person or library. The request is placed via the remote service of the library of the University of Turku.

Copying service

The library delivers copies of materials found in its own collections with due respect to the Copyright Act. Copies are delivered either as paper copies subject to a fee or free of charge via e-mail.

Service fees

See the library’s privacy statement

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