The Migration Institute of Finland offers a great vantage point to migration flow research in Finland and the world. In addition, the institute embodies unique competence in issues related to expatriate Finns. Besides research, the institute offers different jobs involving the archives, library and general office tasks.

For the most part, vacancies are subject to an open application process. However, we also accept open job applications. When applying for a researcher’s position, we would like applicants to follow the guidelines of the Academy of Finland with regard to the list of publications and CV.

It is also possible for applicants to seek employment at the Migration Institute of Finland with the help of their own research or other financing. If financing is being channelled via another organisation, a position as a visiting researcher is the principal choice.


There are no vacancies at the moment.

Visiting Researchers

The Migration Institute of Finland has a programme for visiting researchers. The visit can be a short or long one. In addition, the visiting researcher may work either at the premises of the Migration Institute of Finland or elsewhere. Within the realms of our possibilities, we may be able to provide financial support to our visiting researchers, for example, their research costs.

All visiting researchers must commit to the research principles followed at the Migration Institute of Finland.

Any inquiries can be addressed to the Research Director, who coordinates matters related to visiting researchers.


It is possible to complete university and other internships at the Institute. University trainees are generally selected through an open application. We prefer internships of at least three months. The assignments are tailored to suit each intern’s skills. Any inquiries related to university internships can be addressed to the Research Director.

In addition, the Institute can provide positions for a work trial or work supported by a pay subsidy. Inquiries can be addressed to the Administrative Director.

Here you can find the contact information of the Institute’s staff.
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