The Migration Institute of Finland holds diverse materials related to migration flows, a significant portion of which concern Finns living abroad. Some of the materials are available in a digital format. It is our objective to further increase the availability of digital materials.

In addition, the institute maintains contacts with general archives, different private archives, libraries and research institutes in different parts of the world, and monitors what kind of materials related to migration flows are available in them.

The Migration Institute of Finland publishes research on migration flows and their impacts and other publications related to the subject area. The institute also publishes the…
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Digital materials
Our website is under construction. Due to this redesigning the digital materials have been temporarily removed from our website. These materials include certain pdf-files (e.g. digitized…
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The library of the Migration Institute of Finland holds over 8,000 listed publications regarding migration flows and ethnicity. Besides books, the collections include newspapers, periodicals…
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The archives of the Migration Institute of Finland consist of the Migration Collections and the institute’s own official archives. The Migration Collections mostly include cultural heritage and…
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Emigrant Register
The collections of the Migration Institute of Finland include much individual-level information that can help in tracking family members who have moved abroad and in finding information…
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