Emigrant register
The Migration Institute of Finland assists genealogists by maintaining the Emigrant register, which includes data on hundreds of thousands of emigrant Finns. The main databases of the register can be accessed on our website.
Selections of material (such as letters and photographs) from the institute’s Migration Collections are available through the shared Finna search service of Finnish archives, libraries and museums. (NOTE! While the amount of archival material in Finna is still small, it is being added regularly.)
The Doria Publication Archive provides open access to all the works in the Migration Institute of Finland’s publication series’, articles and presentations by the staff, as well as exhibitions produced by the Institute. These can be browsed and searched by subject, author or year. Also freely available are hundreds of historical publications by expatriate Finns as well as dozens of articles from Finnish newspapers from the 1800s and 1900s.
The institute publishes the Migration-Muuttoliike magazine twice a year. The issues are available open access on the Journal.fi platform.

Please send all requests and inquiries regarding the digital materials to the following addresses:

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