The digital materials of the Migration Institute of Finland include:

  • Migrant letters

A sample of approximately 300 of the migrant letters sent from North America to Finland. The Migration Collections include in total approx. 20,000 letters, most of which are letters from America sent during the last century.

  • Newspaper cuttings

Almost 800 samples from the collection of over 23,000 migration-themed newspaper cuttings (1892–1969) collected by the Finland Society. The Migration Institute of Finland and the owner of the material, the Department of European and World History of the University of Turku jointly digitised the collection of newspaper cuttings in 2011–2014.

  • Photo gallery

Over 5,000 sample photos from the photo archives of the Migration Institute of Finland. NOTE! The photos in the gallery are low-resolution photos (72 dpi).

  • Historical non-fiction

Scientific research reports, local history reviews, guides and other publications regarding migration in Finnish and English since the late 19th century.

  • Historical newspaper material

Transcripts of news and articles related to migration in Finnish newspapers from the 1850s to the 1910s.

  • Historical statistics publications on Finnish migration

Digitised official migration statistics of Finland since the late 19th century.