The Migration Institute’s strategy 20212023 


  • To study the interaction between migration and society.
  • To produce, gather, record and make available materials related to migration flows.
  • To actively participate in migration-related and research-based societal discussion and influencing.


  • To be the most recognised and esteemed migration-flow research and memory organisation nationwide.
  • To conduct nationally and internationally significant migration research.
  • To be the central actor and innovator of expatriate Finn research and documentation.
  • To undertake new initiatives and make scientific breakthroughs.


  • To develop research activities with a multidisciplinary and multimethodological approach.
  • To increase the digital accessibility of our materials and services.
  • To deepen and broaden our cooperation with key parties.
  • To produce research data as a basis for decision making.
  • To communicate in a versatile and accessible way, utilizing new ways of communication.
  • To diversify our Foundation’s fundraising and external research funding.


  • Transparency and openness
  • Ethics
  • Fairness
  • Community
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