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Frequently asked questions (faq)

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What information does the emigrant register contain?

The information in the databases varies. The most important data besides the family name and given name are:

  • Last domicile in Finland (Passport records)
  • Profession (passport records, references, deceased)
  • Family (passport records, references, deceased)
  • Travel companions (passport records, passenger lists)
  • Name and departure of the ship (passenger lists)
  • Destination abroad (passenger lists)
  • Place and time of death (references and deceased)

What databases are included in the emigrant register?

The emigrant register consists of several different databases, the following of which are online:

  • Passenger lists (318 000 records)
  • Passport records (268 000 records)
  • References to books and newspapers (19 000 records)
  • Register of Australian Finns (3 800 records)
  • Register of New Zealand Finns (1100 records)
  • Finnish Russians 1930-1950 (8,000+ records)
  • Martyrology of Ingrian Finns (6,100+ records)
  • Forest Finns in Sweden in the 16th & 17th century (1,500)

The other databases are available at the Migration Institute of Finland by consulting the staff or visiting the Institute. The databases are partly on computer, partly card files and written sources such as directories and catalogues.

What information from the register can I ask for or lookup myself?

You can look up information from the online databases by yourself. You can use a limited name search for free. Unlimited search, including all the information available online, costs 20€ per year. You can receive information from other databases with the help of our staff. This costs 30-60€, depending on the time spent and the amount of information found. Payment can be made through our Web Store.

The payment also includes guidance and counseling for self-searching the databases of the Institute. Instead, the payment DOES NOT include the actual database search conducted by the genealogist or other personnel of the Institute. Such a search costs 30-60 euros depending on the time spent and the amount of information found. Of this work a separate invoice will be sent to the customer.

What background information is needed for an inquiry?

You can search for information on family name or even with the first letters of the family name. Usually more information is needed to correctly identify the person. In inquiries sent to the Institute of Migration at least some of the following information would facilitate the search:

  • All known names of the emigrant, also the father's name (patronym), if possible
  • Birth date/year

The following additional information facilitates the research

  • Date/year of emigration
  • Last domicile in Finland
  • Destination and first address in country of destination
  • Marital status in Finland and information on possible emigration of the spouse
  • Travel companions
  • Other information

What does it cost to search the emigrant register?

  • Limited search in the database is free. Only names are displayed.
  • Unlimited online search costs 20 € a year.

The cost of searches made by the staff of the Emigrant register depends on the extent of the search. It is advisable to contact the staff in advance about the fee.

Other extensive searches are made according to separate agreement, e.g. all the emigrants from one place for research purposes. The fee will be negotiated in advance.

Where else can you find information on emigrants and genealogical research?

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