Dear partner!

We process our purchase invoices electronically and accept e-invoices to streamline invoice processing. We process our purchase invoices with Heeros software. Our operator for e-invoices is Liaison Technologies Oy.

We hope to receive only e-invoices in the future.

Billing information

Our company:

Siirtolaisuusinstituuttisäätiö – Stiftelsen för Migrationinstitutet sr.
Business ID: 0217712-5

E-invoicing information:

E-invoice address: 003702177125
Operator: Opentext Oy
Operator ID: 003708599126

Paper invoices:

Siirtolaisuusinstituuttisäätiö / Migration Institute of Finland
Ostolaskut / Purchase Invoices
PL 122 / PO Box 122

N.B.: Only paper invoices are sent to the PO Box address. Any other material will be disposed of.

Invoices in PDF format:

Please send PDF invoices via e-mail to: (max. size 30 MB)

Further information on e-invoicing:

Aallon Turku Oy
Tuire Leiniö-Aho
Tel. +3582 273 3214