The Drawing Together exhibition presents art and stories by young refugees from Finland, Norway and Scotland. The overarching theme of the exhibition is wellbeing. In their artworks, young refugees express their memories of wellbeing in childhood, what wellbeing means to them in their everyday lives now, and how they imagine wellbeing manifesting in their future. The exhibition is based on an international research project called ‘Drawing Together’. This name has two meanings. Firstly, our project draws people together through art. Secondly, becoming more knowledgeable about other people, their joys and sorrows, brings people closer to each other. The original artworks, stories, photographs, and videos presented in the exhibition speak about young people’s thoughts on safety, hope, belonging and loss. Collectively they show how young refugees enrich our diverse society.

The exhibition is open 8.9. – 22.10.2023 Tue-Sun 10-18 at Brinkkala Gallery, Vanha Suurtori 3, 20500 Turku.


Marja Tiilikainen, Migration Institute of Finland, marja.tiilikainen@migrationinstitutee

Mervi Kaukko, University of Tampere,