There have been some problems with the introduction of the new Emigrant Register, which we will fix as they arise.


I cannot log in with my old IDs / The service indicates that the IDs are already in use.

The new Emigrant Register requires the creation of completely new IDs: an existing e-mail address and a password of at least 8 characters. If you still can’t log in, please clear your browser’s cache (ctrl-F5) and then try again.

FIXED: international payment methods missing (added: Visa / Mastercard)

FIXED: the password change message did not arrive in the email

WILL BE FIXED: Using the register in on the Ipad with Safari browser does not work properly (the service hides non-name information in a paid search).

WILL BE FIXED: The service sends several payment receipt messages to the user’s email. This gives the impression that the user would also be charged more than once, but this is NOT the case.


– WILL BE FIXED IN THE NEXT VERSION: 1-2 search fields will be added to the free search.

– WILL BE FIXED IN THE NEXT VERSION: Search results will be listed alphabetically.

– WILL BE FIXED IN THE NEXT VERSION: Importing more search features (including wildcard search). Improving the conditions for group searches (eg people who have left a certain place at a certain time)

Please inform in case of any other problems.

Thank You!

Emigrant Register

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