Today we have released a major update to the Emigrant Register. It aims to make the interface of the register more understandable. In addition to improvements to existing functionality, the update includes a new feature that allows users to manage their account information.

The update is based on the feedback we collected in the context of the Emigrant Register customer survey (2023).

In the “change log” below you can find more detailed information on the updated and new features of the interface.

  • “My information” page:
  • Update email address: users can change their registered email address to a new one of their choice. This will ensure that important notifications and messages are sent to the correct address.
  • Change password: The user can change their current password to a new, more secure password via the administration page. This improves the security of the account.
  • Subscription status: the user can see the activity status and expiry date of their subscription. The subscriber can continue the subscription by pressing on the “Renew your order” button.
  • Search functions:
  • Clarified search function instructions
  • Birth place, Country of destination, City of destination, Residence before migration fields provide search suggestions based on the data in the register
  • A clearer presentation of results in a table with a capability to sort all columns
  • Up to 1000 search results can be displayed at a time
  • A form on the individual record page to send a correction suggestion directly to the Emigrant Register admin
  • Clarified presentation of references and abbreviations
  • Improved usability of the search function on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablets)