The Changing Nature of Being an Expatriate Finn survey examines who today’s expatriate Finns are and how they have been affected by the coronavirus and Brexit, for example. Conducted by the Migration Institute of Finland, the survey opens on 7 September and is open until 15 October 2020. “In a time of rapid changes, we need new information about being an expatriate Finn,” Special Researcher Tuomas Hovi says about the project’s goals. The survey is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry to Finns Abroad, the Finland Society, the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation. An invitation to the survey will be sent by post to 6,000 respondents, and the questionnaire will also be open to all interested respondents digitally. The web address for the survey is

Additional information on the project:

Tuomas Hovi, Special Researcher

Miika Tervonen, Senior Researcher