Please answer by 25.7.2021

Have you read the Siirtolaisuus-Migration journal or have you published there? Have you never heard of it? Have you read it, but didn’t find content that interests you? Do you have thoughts and ideas for delevoping the journal? We are currently gathering feedback from readers and contributors of the Siirtolaisuus–Migration-Journal.

We are also looking for feedback from new readers and contributors, so it would be great if you could fill out this short survey even if you are not familiar with the journal! It only takes about 5 minutes max. Thank you in advance, we very much appreciate your input!

Kiitos jo etukäteen, arvostamme kovasti mielipidettäsi!

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Here you can find the most recent news from the Migration Institute of Finland. Events can be found on their dedicated page.
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The Migration Institute of Finland is the only institute in Finland specialising in both the research and documentation of migration flows. Our special task involves documenting the life of Finns…
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