Erna Bodström

Research Fellow +358 40 678 2021

D. Soc. Sc.

  • Refugeehood and residence permits
  • Asylum process
  • Asylum politics
  • Asylum activism
  • Integration and citizenship
  • Administrative texts
  • Textual and visual methods






My research and expertise widely address matters related to asylum: asylum seeking, asylum process and asylum politics. In my research, I combine my background as a communication scholar to refugee studies, by focusing especially on administrative texts related to asylum; asylum decisions among others. I am also a specialist in asylum politics and the residence permit system in Finland, and have worked and volunteered with these matters for several years also outside the academia.


Endings – Refuge, Time, and Space (Koneen Säätiö, 2023-2026)

Relevant publications

Bodström, Erna (2022). Turvapaikka-asiakirjat ja karkotus [Asylum documents and deportation]. In E. Lyytinen, S. Pellander & P. Pirkkalainen (Eds.), Suomesta poistetut: näkökulmia karkotuksiin ja käännytyksiin. Tampere: Vastapaino.

Bodström, Erna (2022). Illusions of objectivity. The two functions of country of origin information in asylum assessment, Migration Studies.

Bodström, Erna (2022). Kilpailevat argumentit vuonna 2015 Suomeen saapuneiden afganistanilaisten turvapaikkapäätöksissä [Competing arguments in asylum decisions of Afghans arrived in Finland in 2015], Media & viestintä, 45(3), 57–79.

Bodström, Erna; Haavisto, Camilla & Laaksonen, Salla-Maaria (2022). Rautatientorin mielenosoitus poliittisen osallistumisen tilana [The Railway Square Demonstration as a space of political participation]. In P. Kettunen (Ed.), Maahanmuuttaneiden poliittinen osallistuminen. Turku: Siirtolaisinstituutti.

Bodström, Erna (2021). The extraordinary. Asylum process as an intertextual chain. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Laaksonen, Salla-Maaria; Bodström, Erna & Haavisto, Camilla (2021). Finding the voice of a protest: negotiating authority among the multiplicity of voices in pro-refugee demonstration. In C. Benoit-Barné & T. Martine (Eds.), Speaking with one voice: New perspectives on organizing. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 65–87.

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Bodström, Erna (2020). “Because Migri says so”. Legitimation in negative asylum decisions in Finland. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 10(2), pp. 5–19.

Bodström, Erna (2020). “Welcome to Fantasy Finland!” Integration as a cultural process in Information Packages of Finnish Ministries in years 2000-2018 [Doctoral dissertation.] Helsinki: University of Helsinki.


Forced Migration and Refugee Studies course (University of Turku and Open University of Turku, 2023-)

Advanced Research Methods in Communication, Text Analysis (University of Helsinki, 2014-2016, 2018)