The rules of the foundation

Validated on 23 March 2016.

1 §

The name of the foundation is Siirtolaisuusinstituuttisäätiö – Stiftelsen för Migrationsinstitutet sr and its domicile is the city of Turku.

2 §

The purpose of the foundation is to

  • carry out and promote research related to migration flows 
  • promote the collection, storing and documenting of research material related to migration and migration flows, such as emigration, immigration, exile and ethical issues, internal migration and exhibition and museum activities 
  • publish research reports and presentations on migration flows 
  • communicate matters related to its field of activities 
  • carry out information exchange, the library, archive and emigrant register services, research and other collaboration with Finnish and foreign parties of the field, in particular with universities, research institutes, international organisations and private individuals 
  • carry out the research and development work of the social and health services related to migration flows.

3 §

The foundation carries out its objective by maintaining and supporting institutes performing the tasks mentioned in the previous section.

4 §

The founding capital of the foundation is EUR 8,409.40 (FIM 50,000) and its assets have been invested in a secure and profitable manner. The foundation is entitled to accept donations and testamentary inheritance from Finland and abroad and also to accumulate wealth in other ways allowed by the Foundations Act. The assets of the foundation comprise the founding capital, contingency fund and other donations.

5 §

The bodies of the foundation are the Board and Council. In addition, the foundation may have a director.

6 §

The Council supports and monitors the foundation operations and administration ensured by the Board and managing director. The Council includes no less than 20 and no more than 32 ordinary members. The Council elects the ordinary members from the parties supporting the foundation, one from each. In addition, the Council elects a personal deputy member for each of its members. The members of the Council are elected until further notice. The Council elects from among its members the chair and vice chair.

7 §

The Council convenes at an annual meeting in April–May and at an autumn meeting in November-December and whenever the chair calls a meeting at least 10 days in advance in writing or in some other verifiably sent notice of meeting. The Council has a quorum when more than half of its members are present. The Council convenes at other times if the chair deems it necessary, or if at least 1/4 of the Council members request the convening of a meeting in writing for a specific matter from the chair.

8 §

The annual meeting of the Council

  • adopts the financial statements and annual report 
  • covers the other matters included in the meeting invitation.

9 §

The autumn meeting of the Council

  • decides, if necessary, on the number of Council members 
  • elects, if necessary, the ordinary and deputy members of the Council 
  • elects the chair and vice chair of the Council 
  • fills the positions of board members stepping down at the end of the year, and elects the chair and vice chair of the Board, if necessary 
  • elects the auditor and deputy auditor 
  • elects the committee to prepare the Board member elections of the following year, which includes three Council members 
  • discusses the proposal of the Board for the budget and operating plan for the following year 
  • covers the other matters included in the meeting invitation.

10 §

The administration and appropriate arrangement of operations of the foundation are ensured by the Board, which includes no less than six (6) and no more than ten (10) ordinary members who represent in an equal manner universities, public administration and other parties supporting the operations of the foundation. The Board members are elected for their duties for two (2) years at a time and half of them must step down annually. The Board is convened by the chair or vice chair and the notice of meeting must be sent to the Board members in writing or in some other verifiable manner no later than 7 days prior to the meeting. The Board has a quorum, if more than half of its members attend.

11 §

The Board appoints the managing director and other managerial employees of the foundation. In addition, the Board validates the organisation structure and approves the guidelines regarding the personnel plan and recruitment. The Board decides on the establishment and discontinuation of funds, rules, conveyance of immovable property and other matters under the jurisdiction of the Board according to the Foundations Act.

12 §

The Council and Board make decision by simple majority, unless otherwise indicated in these rules. In the event of a tie, the matter is decided by the vote of the chair or, in the case of elections, by drawing lots. Minutes of the Council and Board meetings shall be kept including the decisions and votes. The minutes shall be signed by the chair of the meeting and at least one member selected for the task at the meeting.

13 §

The director ensures that the purpose of the foundation is realised and manages other daily administrative tasks of the foundation in accordance with the instructions and orders issued by the Board. The director selects the foundation’s employees, other than managerial employees, and decides on their recruitment.

14 §

The foundation is represented by the chair of the Board and director jointly. The Board may also appoint a person to represent the foundation either alone or together with the chair of the Board or director.

15 §

The foundation has one (1) ordinary auditor and one (1) deputy auditor. If an audit firm is selected as the ordinary auditor, a deputy auditor is not needed. Auditors are selected for one financial period at a time. The auditor shall be changed at least every seven years. A previous auditor or auditor in charge can be reappointed as auditor at the earliest to audit the fifth financial period following the end of their previous auditing duties.

16 §

The financial period of the foundation is one calendar year. The audit of the foundation shall be delivered within six months of the end of the financial period. The Board of the foundation shall deliver within six months of the end of the financial period authenticated copies of the financial statements with the balance sheet specifications, annual report and audit report to the registration authority.

17 §

The Council decides on amending these rules. In order for an amendment proposal to be accepted, at least ¾ of the Council members present must second the proposal. If the amendment proposal regards changing the purpose of the foundation, the decision is taken by the Council according to the Foundations Act. Any amendment of the rules shall be notified to the registration authority.

18 §

The Council decides on placing the foundation in liquidation. In order for the placing in liquidation to be accepted, the decision must be seconded by the majority of the ordinary members of the Council. If the foundation is dissolved, the remaining assets shall be allocated to purposes accordant with Section 2 as decided by the last meeting of the Council.