Hamed Ahmadinia

Research Fellow


  • Cultural and Social Influences on Health
  • Immigrant Information Behavior
  • Information Disparities in Immigrant Populations
  • Interpersonal and Digital Health Communication
  • Predictors of Health Behaviors in Immigrants
  • Quantitative Data Analysis in Migration Studies






I am interested in the intricate dynamics of cultural and social influences on lives within immigrant communities, particularly in Nordic countries. My doctoral research at Åbo Akademi University in Information Studies revolves around this theme, emphasising the importance of understanding and addressing the unique information behaviours of these populations. In my role with the Mobile Futures project, I have honed my skills in quantitative data analysis, examining critical aspects such as trust in migration-related information and the labour market challenges faced by racialized immigrants. This multidisciplinary pursuit not only informs policy but also seeks to mitigate information disparities and improve interpersonal and digital health communication among immigrant groups. My academic journey reflects a steadfast commitment to enhancing understanding and support for immigrant communities through informed research and practical application.


Mobile Futures, WP3: Trust in Information, Academy of Finland (2023–2024).
Mobile Futures, WP4: Trust in the Labour Market, Academy of Finland (2023–2024).


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