Nina Carlsson

Senior Research Fellow


  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Language and civic knowledge testing
  • Linguistic justice
  • National minorities
  • Mainstreaming of the far right
  • Deportability
  • Critical policy analysis


I am a postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University and visiting scholar at the Migration Institute of Finland. I obtained a PhD in Political Science from Södertörn University in 2021. My research deals with the politics and governance of citizenship, minoritized populations, and language. My postdoctoral project (Swedish Research Council 2023-2025) is concerned with language and civic knowledge testing in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. My other research deals with the position of national minorities within the governance of immigration and citizenship, the far right and minorities, and discretionary power in policy implementation. My research is based on interviews and policy documents, and I employ analytical methods that draw from critical policy analysis.


Everyday bordering through language requirements in multilingual cities (Swedish Research Council), 2023-2025

Recent publications

Liimatainen, Tuire, and Nina Carlsson. 2023. “Våga Finska! Sverigefinsk aktivism på sociala medier.” In Sveriges Nationella Minoritetsspråk, eds. Linus Salö and Tommaso M Milani. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 67–96.

Carlsson, Nina. 2023. “Boundaries and Belonging Among Settled Minorities and Refugees in Bulgaria.” Nationalities Papers 51(5): 1123–42. doi:

Bonotti, Matteo, Nina Carlsson, and Colin W Rowe. 2022. “Introduction: Linguistic Justice, Migration and the Nation‐state.” Nations and Nationalism 28(2): 379–86. doi:

Carlsson, Nina. 2022. “Majority Nation‐building through Language Requirements: Minority Perspectives from EU27.” Nations and Nationalism 28(2): 465–82. doi:

Liimatainen, Tuire, and Nina Carlsson. 2021. “’Kyss mig, jag är en sverigefinne!’ Gränsdragningar mellan invandrarskap och minoritetsskap i den sverigefinska etnopolitiska mobiliseringen 1980-2020.” Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap 42(4): 76–99. doi:

Carlsson, Nina. 2021. “One Nation, One Language? National Minority and Indigenous Recognition in the Politics of Immigrant Integration.” Doctoral Diss. Huddinge: Södertörn University.