Department for International Relations of the Church Council, Finland Society, Finnish Seamen’s Mission, Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, Migration Institute of Finland, 2020–2021

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Emigration from Finland has been a growing and transforming phenomenon in recent decades. It has provoked a wide public debate and, for example, concerns about the so-called brain drain. In the Changing Nature of Being an Expatriate Finn project, an extensive survey on emigration and expatriate Finns is carried out on the one hand for those who moved from Finland in 2017–2019 and on the other hand for those who have lived elsewhere for a longer period. In addition, the study involves analysing existing statistical data related to the topic and preparing a report that draws together the main findings of the survey. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Department for International Relations of the Church Council, the Finland Society, the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation.

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