Eveliina Lyytinen

Post-doctoral researcher (Academy of Finland)

On parental leave 3.11.2020-1.9.2021



  • Forced migration
  • Exile
  • Deportation of asylum seekers
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Research ethics
  • Urban exile



My research and expertise cover a broad range of themes related to asylum seeking and exile. I have studied, among other things, the protection of urban refugees, the employment of young people with refugee background and the removal of asylum seekers. I am particularly interested in the integration of concepts of human geography into refugee research, in qualitative research and in participatory methods. I feel that research in this area should seek to make legislation and politics more humane.


Action-oriented Research on Asylum Seekers’ Deportability (post-doctoral research project, Academy of Finland, 2018–2022)

Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE) – Health and Socio-Economic Inequities in Young Refugees in the Nordic Welfare Societies (NordForsk, 2015–2018)

Spaces of Trust and Mistrust: Congolese Refugees, Institutions and Protection in Kampala, Uganda (doctoral thesis project, School of Geography, University of Oxford, several funders, 2009–2014)

Essential publications

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2020) “Rebellious research” on deportability – Combining We see you’s core areas of academia, activism, and arts. Siirtolaisuus-Migration, 2: 23-24 (https://siirtolaisuusinstituutti.fi/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/sm2_2020.pdf)

Lyytinen, Eveliina (toim.)(2019) Turvapaikanhaku ja pakolaisuus Suomessa. Turku: Siirtolaisuusinstituutti. (http://kauppa.siirtolaisuusinstituutti.fi/product/214/turvapaikanhaku-ja-pakolaisuus-suomessa)

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2019) ‘In a group you feel OK, but outside there you are ready to die’ – The role of a support group in disabled refugees’ struggles for their ‘right to the city’ in Kampala, Uganda. Michael E Leary-Owhin & John P McCarthy (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Henri Lefebvre, the City and Urban Society. London: Routledge.

Lyytinen, Eveliina & Nita Toom (2019) Two-way labour market integration? Perspectives on youth with a refugee background and employers in Finland. CAGE project report (https://cage.ku.dk/publications/reports/)

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2018) Taisteleva tutkimus turvapaikanhakijoiden karkotettavuudesta. Siirtolaisuus-Migration 2, 35–37. (http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/files/pdf/siirtolaisuus-migration/s-m_2_2018_nettiin.pdf)

Vuolteenaho, Jani & Eveliina Lyytinen (2018) Reflections on the variations and spatialities of (un)welcome – commentary to Gill. Fennia, 196 (1): 118–123.

Gauffin, Karl & Eveliina Lyytinen (2017) Working for Integration – A Comparative Analysis of Policies Impacting Labour Market Access among Young Immigrants and Refugees in the Nordic Countries. CAGE project report. (http://cage.ku.dk/publications/CAGE_Policy_Report_1.pdf)

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2017) Refugees ‘Journeys of Trust: Creating an Analytical Framework to Examine Refugees Exilic Journeys with a Focus on Trust. Journal of Refugee Studies, 30 (4): 489–501 (doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/jrs/few035)

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2016) Informal places of protection: Congolese refugees’ ‘communities of trust’ in Kampala, Uganda. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1369183X.2016.1207506)

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2015) Congolese refugees’ ‘right to the city’ and urban protection in Kampala, Uganda. Journal of Eastern African Studies, 9 (4): 593-611

Lyytinen, Eveliina (2015) Refugees’ sense of place in Uganda: Geographical scales of urban protection and host-refugee relations. Refugee Survey Quarterly, 34 (2): 45-77.