Academy of Finland, 2018–2022

Project director:

Project objectives:

As a result of the ‘refugee crisis’, the variety and number of people to be deported from Finland have grown rapidly. However, there is still very little social science research related to deportations in Finland.

In this research project, action-oriented research is carried out on the deportation of asylum seekers from three thematic perspectives: 1) laws, policies and practices relating to deportations, 2) trust and mistrust in civil society activism related to deportations, and 3) deportation trips of asylum seekers.

  • The research project asks:
    • How has the deportation machinery (including laws, policies and deportation practices) developed?
    • How is the legislation on deportations used to produce deportable subjects and deportation status?
    • How is institutional (dis)trust reflected in deportations and related activism?
    • How is social (dis)trust manifested in expulsions and related activism?
    • What are the temporal and spatial dimensions of deportation trips?
    • How do various deportees of different backgrounds experience their deportation trips and how are forced returns collectively experienced in the communities of the deportees?

The aim of the multidisciplinary research is to provide new social, theoretical and methodological openings to support critical evaluation of the deportability of asylum seekers. The approach of ‘militant research’ contributes to this aim by strengthening the agency of those involved in the research.

Key partners:

Migration Institute of Finland:

  • Finland: We See You (Linda Bäckman), House for Every Women (Minna Saunders), Johanna Leinonen (University of Oulu) Karina Horsti & Päivi Pirkkalainen (University of Jyväskylä), Lena Näre (University of Helsinki), Marko Juntunen (University of Helsinki), Päivi Rannila (University of Turku), Ahmed Zaidan (freelance journalist-poet), Rewan Kakil (freelance photographer), new networks created via fieldwork in Southern Finland
  • Abroad: Don Mitchell (University of Uppsala), Sieglinde Rosenberger (University of Wien), Nick Gill (University of Exeter), Heaven Crawley/Esra Kaytaz (University of Coventry), Nicholas De Genova (University of Houston)


  • Lyytinen, Eveliina (2022) Revisiting the ‘dual imperative’ of forced-migration studies – commentary to Refstie. Fennia – International Journal of Geography,
  • Pirkkalainen, Päivi, Lena Näre & Eveliina Lyytinen (2022) ’I do not trust any of them anymore’: Institutional distrust and corrective practices in pro-asylum activism in Finland, Current Sociology,
  • Lyytinen, E. (in progress) Nomospheres of deportability – Legal geographies analysis of the Finnish deportation machinery. Political Geography.  
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  • The politics of protection regarding displacement from Ukraine – reflections from Finland, 4.5.2022, University of Exeter, Routes conversations
  • Symposium: On Being Displaced: Studying Forced Migration through the Lens of Mobilities Studies, 12.-13.5.2022, University of Oulu and MIF, Helsinki
  • Trust in Refugee Research, 18.5.2022, CTPSR webinar series, University of Coventry
  • Legal geographies of the Finnish deportation machinery, ETMU conference, 2.-3.12.2021, University of Oulu
  • Miten soveltaa ’lain väkivallan’ käsitettä karkotustutkimuksessa?, Social justice, geography and activism: how are geographers making better futures?, and a commentary to Hilde Refstie’s keynote lecture, Geography Days, 4.-5.11.2021, University of Oulu
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  • Studia Generalia lecture series on return migration to Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, autumn 2019, MIF and Finnish Immigration Service
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  • Asylum seekers’ deportations – perspectives from sending and receiving societies. Finnish Institute in the Middle East, 24.5.2019, Beirut
  • Symposium: Producing (Im)Mobilities: Do States Create Vulnerabilities? 25.-26.4.2019, MIF
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  • Pakomatkoista pakkopalautuksiin kick-off seminar, 16.10.2018, MIF