Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities, 4/2020–4/2021

Project director: Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola (University of Oulu)

Project objective:

The aim of the ILMASI study is to gather and produce information on the phenomenon of climate migration and its means of management and to evaluate them especially from the perspective of the activities and objectives of the EU and Finland, taking into account security and human rights aspects. The project addresses the need to develop knowledge and foresight-based management, means and good practices to support the long-term adaptation to the environmental impacts of global climate change, including basic and human rights and various security aspects.

More information is needed on the phenomenon of climate migration and its root causes in order to find ways to respond to the phenomenon in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Anticipating climate migration requires the identification of risk areas, preventive measures, preparedness, cooperation, assistance plans and solidarity. In the EU and Finland, there is a need to find new ways and means to respond to the phenomenon of climate migration and to support flexibility of change in risk areas as well as in other areas where migrants move temporarily or more permanently.

Key partners: University of Oulu, The Geography Research Unit

Project researchers: