Foundation for Economic Education 2020, Other funding 2021-2022

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Project objective:

The project is implemented as a joint project between the Migration Institute of Finland and the University of Lapland.

The aim of the project is to analyse the matching of work and labour in the tourism sector in Lapland and Koillismaa from the perspective of seasonal migration and commuting. The first set of objectives of the project is the mapping of the current state in Finland, which is used to form an understanding of the extent of regional labour mobility, i.e. commuting, in the tourism sector, its specific characteristics and its geographical emphases.

The second set of objectives relates to the information obtained through case studies on the consequences of regional mobility and multiple locations. The case study examines the tourism sector in Lapland and Koillismaa and the mobile, i.e. seasonally migrating and commuting, workforce. The material is collected with Surveypal surveys and interviews, which are targeted at both seasonal migrants and commuters and tourism entrepreneurs and municipal officials.

The third objective is to form a synthesis of the current situation of and obstacles to regional mobility and to find solutions for adding flexible labour, i.e. seasonal migrants and commuters, to the growing tourism sector.

Project researchers: Merja Paksuniemi (University of Lapland), Elli Heikkilä (Migration Institute of Finland)