Elli Heikkilä

Research director +358 40 069 5452

PhD, docent

  • Immigrants in the labour market
  • Multicultural marriages
  • International students
  • Unaccompanied refugee children
  • Expatriate Finns
  • Internal migration
  • Regional development


I am interested in the various forms of migration and migration flows. My research concerning immigration includes studies on immigrants in the labour market and multicultural marriages. As regards emigration, I have carried out research on Finnish emigration and expatriate Finns. In the context of internal migration, seasonal migration and commuting in the tourism sector are among the new topics examined in addition to studies on urbanisation.


Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE) – Health and Socio-Economic Inequities in Young Refugees in the Nordic Welfare Societies (NordForsk, 2015–2020)

Migration as a Driving Force for Municipalities – Research Project for the Regional Development of the Seinäjoki Sub-region (Seinäjoki sub-region, 2019-2021)

Seasonal Migration and Commuting in the Tourism Sector in Lapland and Koillismaa (Foundation for Economic Education, 2020–2022)

In Which Direction Is Finland Evolving? The Dynamics of Mobility and Migration. Migration Symposium 2019 report (2019–2020)

AboaNova – The Promotion of the Inclusion of Immigrants in the Turku Region (European Social Fund 2017–2020)

Hundred Apple Trees – Multicultural Finland (EUSA – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, AMIF, 2016–2018) (concluded)

PATH – International Talents as Resource for Expanding Companies (European Social Fund, 2015–2017) (concluded)

Essential publications

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