The societal profile of Swedish-speaking areas in Finland is different than elsewhere in Finland. The networks of the Swedish-speaking population are denser and Swedish-speakers have traditionally headed abroad more often than Finnish-speakers. In addition, Swedish-speaking areas treat immigrants slightly differently than elsewhere in Finland. Research on migration in Swedish-speaking areas can also be valuable to the rest of Finland. However, research is needed above all to develop the Swedish-speaking areas of Finland, because migration is such an integral part of Finnish-Swedish society.


To study and document migration in Swedish-speaking areas of Finland, emigration, migration and internal migration.


To provide knowledge as a basis for decision-making at various levels and as a basis for the work of public authorities, business, schools and academia.

The Centre is also prepared to respond to more or less acute societal needs in matters within its remit.


The Migration Centre of Swedish-speaking Finland is part of the Migration Institute of Finland and its core funding comes mainly from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska Kulturfonden). The Centre’s operations are led by the project manager. The project manager coordinates and directs research and other projects.


The Centre produces publications and organises seminars and exhibitions.

Ongoing research projects:

MATILDE – Migration Impact Assessment towards Integration and Local Development
Horizon 2020 | 2020–2023
Health and Welfare among Immigrants in Swedish Finland
Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Stiftelsen Tre Smeder, Vaasa healthcare district | 2020–2021
Integration Research in Swedish Finland – A Bibliography
Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet | 2020–2021
Approaches to Migration in Swedish Finland
The Swedish Assembly of Finland (Folktinget) | 2020

Book projects:

A Study of Emigration from Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia in the 1890s and 1970s (Magnus Enlund)

History of the Emigrant Magazine Finska Amerikanaren/Norden 1897–2014 (Kjell Herberts)

History of Finnish-Swedish emigration (Krister Björklund)


The Migration Instititute’s publications are available open access in the publication archive Doria. Click here to access the publications of the Migration Centre of Swedish-speaking Finland.


On Mondays and Tuesdays, the following works as the project manager’s deputy from 1 June to 30 November 2023:

Kjell Herberts

+358 50 363 2895

Project Manager Magnus Enlund (study leave 1.6.-30.11.2023)

Åbo Akademi
PB 311
65101 Vaasa, FINLAND

Telephone: +358 44 559 2447
E-mail: magnus.enlund[at]