The Migration Institute of Finland has organized Migration Symposia every five years since 1975. The Migration Institute celebrated its 45th anniversary by organizing the tenth Migration Symposium 2019 with “In Which Direction is Finland Evolving? The Dynamics of Mobility and Migration” as its theme.

The Symposium covered migration extensively from the perspective of international migration, country-internal migration and mobility, and expatriate Finns. The first day was held in English, and the second day mainly in Finnish.

Our Keynote Speaker, Professor Emeritus Patrick Manning (USA), provided interesting and extensive insights on “Migration in World History”. Our second Keynote Speaker, Senior Research Fellow Timothy Heleniak (Sweden), elaborated on the development of migration in the Nordic countries. The rest of the Symposium’s programme consisted of presentations by various experts, mainly on the situation in Finland, but also on work-related mobility between Finland and Estonia and on expatriate Finns. The articles produced for the report are in their original language.